Welcome, this is my 50th Golden Anniversary offering professional harmonica educational services. This is also my 53rd anniversary as a performing musician.

   I am a full-time professional harmonica instructor specializing in my own unique teaching methods for the diatonic harmonica. My fine-tuned skills as both a professional concert performing musician and a teacher allow me to take entry level and the advanced adult students to perform like a professional musician. I also teach an introduction course for the chromatic harmonica.

  My students are not only from the United States, but they come from other countries to gain knowledge of the various styles of music to perform on the diatonic harmonica. I have also developed the harmonica as a therapeutic tool, based on my teaching methods for improving respiratory and heart disorders. I conduct private adult harmonica lessons; concert performances and harmonica seminars on these various categories.

  • Various Styles Of Blues & Early Jazz Harmonica
  • Bluegrass & Country Music Harmonica
  • Various Styles Of Gospel Music For Harmonica
  • Christmas Music For Various Types Of Harmonicas
  • Songs Of The Old West & Civil War For Harmonica
  • Custom Tunings For The Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonicas
  • Physical Therapy Utilizing The Harmonica For Lung & Heart Disorders
  • International Songs For The Harmonica
Harmonica Seminars